Why Invest in NLP training?

Our Practitioner students achieve an average 34% improvement in awareness, effectiveness and quality of life

Take a moment to imagine what a 30-40% boost in the overall quality of your life would mean to you…

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This is not only possible for you; it is the average benefit to most of our students on Practitioner training.
How do we know? From the research we carried out with last year’s students. One of our research team designed a questionnaire to measure the changes experienced by students. They filled it in at the beginning and end of the Practitioner training, and here are some of the main gains they reported:

Self Awareness
This increased by 43%, including a massive 53% boost in self-worth/self-confidence. This on its own makes a big difference to your quality of life.
Self management
The experience of having choice in life went up by 32%, while the ability to achieve desired results went up by 35%. Think what this increase in effectiveness could mean to you.
Social awareness
Both awareness and positive regard for others went up by 29%. Given how important relationships are to our happiness, this is another big one.
Relationship management
A 40% gain here includes the quality of connection with others, as well as the ability to produce results through working with others. At home or at work, this makes a big difference.

why invest in nlpThe average gain across all four quadrants was an impressive 37%. These are real gains, and should you doubt it, read some of the many glowing testimonials on our website. The majority of the students on this course participated in this study. It was quite a comprehensive questionnaire with 10 different questions in each of the four quadrants. It is also the first pre-test, post-test questionnaire that we have heard of being used to quantify the benefits of NLP training. We plan to make this research, and the questionnaire, available on the website as soon as possible.

This research backs up the research that we undertook the previous year, which was qualitative only. Students were asked to write up what they got from the training, and five independent researchers summarised the trends.

The five biggest benefits were:

Better quality of life, more self-confidence, improved relationships, more choice, and more skills for dealing with life’s challenges and thriving on them. Reading through this material about people sharing their experience of real and lasting change, is moving stuff. Again we plan to put this research on the website.

How come this course is so effective?

One reason is that we attract highly motivated students including many who have been recommended to us by previous graduates. Some, who know that NLP courses vary hugely in their quality, have found us by diligent research.

A second reason is NLP itself. A source of very effective skills for personal and professional development that is second to none in applied psychology. This is especially true when it is taught in small groups with high quality assisting tutors.

The third reason is the quality of the training. John is a naturally gifted and inspirational trainer, who loves what he does. He has been teaching NLP for over a quarter of a century, longer than any other UK trainer, and is probably the most highly qualified NLP trainer in the UK. Go to John’s page to view his credentials. As if that were not enough, his book, ‘Introducing NLP’, is often at the top of Amazon’s list of NLP books. John is an NLP Master Trainer in more than title.

So, if you would like to join us on this year’s journey and give your life a real boost in a positive direction, give us a call. There are still some places available on this year’s NLP Practitioner training. Book soon to secure your place because numbers are limited.

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...