What do people get from learning NLP?

What do people get from learning NLP?

In 2007 after advice from Paul Tosey at Surrey University Business School, who heads up NLP research in the UK, we commissioned a piece of qualitative research from five independent researchers to identify the main benefits that students on our NLP Practitioner training got from being on the course.

what do people get from NLP
The top five benefits seem to be:

Self-confidence – More choice –
Improved relationships – Self-awareness – Quality of life

The top benefits that emerged for each of the five researchers based on independent text analysis were:

  • Quality of life – Quality of relationships with others – More choices – Calm and self esteem – Dealing with fear – Practical skills
  • Feeling empowered – Connecting with others – Community – More choices – Skills – Positive emotional state – Self-awareness
  • Self-authoring – Choice – Quality relationships
  • Choice – Growth and change – Self discovery – Connection – Empowerment – Support – Enjoyment and happiness
  • Growth/learning – Greater choice – Relationships – Confidence – Skills resources – Inner Peace – Appreciating different perspectives

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