The Personal Evolution Questionnaire – how it came to be

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“My world seems bigger somehow”

“I now have confidence to lead the life I choose to live”

These are just two of the things that delegates have said at the end of the JS NLP Practitioner training.

And since most delegates have said similar things over the years that we have been assisting, my partner Pam Keevil and I decided three years ago to construct a questionnaire which would quantify the development that JSNLP Practitioner delegates typically undergo during the programme.

We based the questionnaire on four quadrants, as follows:

Self awareness
  • Awareness of my worldview
  • Sense of self worth
Social awareness
  • Awareness of others’ maps
  • Positive regard for others
Self management
  • Choice in response to my life
  • Achieving results in life
Relationship management
  • Quality of connection with others
  • Working with others for shared goals

Delegates were invited to complete it at the start and the end of the Practitioner training, so that we could test any changes in responses over the 9 months of the programme.

We chose these quadrants so as to give equal measure to the “inner world” of beliefs about the world, self and others, and the ”outer world” of actions. These four quadrants are also similar to those used by Dan Goleman in his model of emotional intelligence.

We then devised forty items, each of which is mapped onto the relevant factor. Some of the items came from some of the NLP presuppositions, e.g. “There is no such thing as a difficult person”, “I have all the internal resources I need to lead a fulfilled life”, and “There is a positive intention for everything everybody does”. Other items tested beliefs such as, “I have choice how I act”, “My life purpose is on track”, “I respect other people, even those whose behaviour I do not like”.

Delegates were asked to rate each item on a 7 point Likert scale, ranging from “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree”.

We have used the questionnaire now over 3 years in the Practitioner training, and as John says elsewhere in this newsletter, the results have shown consistent and significant positive changes in how JSNLP delegates see the world, themselves and others.

As John might say: “Evidence of learning!”

So, what motivated us to do all this? Well, I guess it goes back to the days about 10 years ago, when we did the Practitioner training with John. He was the first person I had known who used the term “personal evolution”, and this term struck a chord with us. We have assisted with John for 8 years now, and it’s crystal clear that “personal evolution” is going on big time for most of the delegates, so it seemed important to try to “capture” this process in a simple but meaningful way.

What next for the questionnaire? Maybe someone else, another NLP training organisation maybe might like to use it to share its insights?

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...