Investing in yourself with NLP

"Less than 50p per day to have a transformed life"

A cost/benefit analysis from one of our students

investing in yourself We have only known one student attempt a cost/benefit analysis of training with JSnlp, and this is her outline in round figures:

“I was 42 when I completed my NLP Master Practitioner, so hopefully I have 40 years left!

£7,000 over 40 years is only £175 per year, or 48p per day”

Not even half a pound per day to have a transformed life. A life where I don’t argue with reality – what’s the point, reality will always win! A life where I move to curiosity, and not upset, resentment or anger; a life where I feel ‘isness’ and true happiness with self and no longer looking outside to make me feel real. I can honestly say John and NLP have changed my life so much for the better; it is the best investment I ever made.” Julie Munt, Senior Project Manager

Course & Expenses Investment
NLP Practitioner £2,500
NLP Master Practitioner £2,500
£100 per weekend x 20 weekends £2,000
Total £7,000

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...