How does NLP work?

How does NLP work?

NLP works because we do not live in the real world as much as we like to think. We live in our version, our model, our map of what we think the real world is, and project this out onto the real world. This is why individuals have different views of things. We really do each unconsciously construct our own model/map of the world. Once we know how to change our own map of the world, we can begin to change our own reality.

how does nlp work
This idea that we construct our reality is known as ‘radical constructivism’, a term deriving from the writings of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget in the 1950s. There are three main practical applications of this idea.

Once we know how we construct our individual realities, it becomes possible to reconstruct bits of them in ways that work better. This can lead to a rapid growth in personal development and significant improvements in self-confidence, choice, and enjoyment of the quality of life.

Secondly, it is also possible to deconstruct the patterns of those who are excellent at some skill or ability, and pass the core patterns of ‘know-how’ onto others. This gives two abilities: one is a new research process (called behavioural modelling) for discovering how an outstanding performer of any skill actually does it; the other is a way of learning and/or teaching any such ability faster and more effectively than by any other means. This can transform professional skills and abilities, as well as the traditional ways of learning them.

Thirdly, once we know how human limitations, or pathologies, work, it becomes possible to design intervention strategies that are extraordinarily effective in ‘curing’ problems. Well tested examples in NLP include the phobia cure, the allergy cure, and re-imprinting of traumatic experiences. This offers the potential to transform psychotherapy practice.

Over the last twenty years the skills of NLP have come to be very widely used in the business world on training courses, and all types of coaching courses: life coaching, executive coaching, sports coaching and business NLP coaching.

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