Choose the right NLP course for you

Finding out how to choose the best training will repay you many times over the rest of your life

How to choose the best NLP training course

You want to get the best from your investment in NLP Practitioner Training. It may be one of the most significant courses you ever do. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right NLP training for you:

  • Does the organisation have a reputation as one of the best for getting skills on-board?
  • Have the trainers been teaching NLP for at least 10 years?
  • Is the Practitioner or Master Practitioner course a full 18 days/120 contact hours?
  • Does the training spread over 8/9 months?
  • Is the training limited to sensible numbers? (Some run into the hundreds)
  • Is the course recognised, preferably by more than one independent organisation?
  • Will you get individual coaching and support on tap?
  • Does the organisation offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction?
  • Is there an interest-free payment option to spread the cost over a range of months to suit your budget?
  • Does the training encourage regular practice group meetings?

choose the right nlp course for you

The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing NLP Training

By John Seymour

For more than 20 years I have been on a mission to teach NLP to the highest professional standard here in the UK. I have listened to the evaluations of different NLP Practitioner training courses from a great many people. It is clear that, from the consumer’s eye view, there is a massive range of variation in the quality of NLP training on offer. This variation in quality is much greater than you find in most other purchases measured in thousands of pounds. At their best, some courses are simply outstanding, and are very likely to be one of the best investments you ever make. At their worst, dissatisfaction is rife and you, the consumer, have no redress.

The moral of this story: CHOOSE VERY CAREFULLY.

This guide will make it easier for you to choose well from the large range of courses now available. It expresses my own sincerely held opinions and beliefs, based on all my experience of the field. It also expresses the wisdom of many of the best people I have talked with in this growing young discipline. It covers some areas that are contentious within NLP. The small amount of time you invest now in educating yourself about NLP courses, and finding out how to choose the best, will repay you many times over the rest of your life.

Your first thoughts

Before you start reading the guide, I am going to suggest that you will get the most benefit from this by writing down some first thoughts on why you want to learn NLP. After all, would you buy a once-in-a-lifetime holiday without considerable thought? Probably not. Practitioner training in NLP is no less important. Think about your criteria. Ask yourself why you want to learn the skills of NLP. What do you want to get from it? What is important?

Stop; take three minutes with pen and paper and write down a few of your first thoughts before you read on. Be honest with yourself. These first thoughts will help you make your final decision. If you are serious about wanting to train in NLP please stop reading and do this now.

If you carry on without doing this you may lose track of your own starting point.

Thank you. Now click here to download the full guide and carry on…

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