What is NLP?

Some people appear more gifted than others. NLP, one of the fastest growing developments in applied psychology, describes in simple terms what they do differently, and enables you to learn these patterns of excellence

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of skills that enable you to improve your life.

‘Neuro’ involves our neurology and how our brain and nervous system work; ‘Linguistic’, because so much of our thinking is based on language; and ‘Programming,’ because so much of our thought and behaviour is habitual.

what is NLP
The skills in these areas combined, enable us to make changes and improve results in any area more easily than most people can imagine.

To summarise, NLP is a set of skills in applied psychology for improving how you communicate with yourself (intrapersonal) and how you communicate with others (interpersonal). NLP is particularly effective when it comes to making changes both personally and professionally.

Developed in 1970s US by John Grinder and Richard Bandler out of their fascination with how highly successful people achieve such impressive results, NLP has become a set of skills for learning and for accelerating personal and professional development. It is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do.

At heart, NLP is both a set of models and a set of communication skills in the domain of subjective experience and consciousness. The skills focus on both the intrapersonal (within a person) and the interpersonal (between people). Taken together these models and skills constitute a new and innovative discipline that has grown vigorously and produced significant results in many different fields.

NLP greatly increases your choices in life and your influence with others. Developing NLP skills is arguably the best investment in yourself, your professional career, and your future quality of life, that you can make.

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