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We stock books by John Seymour and Chris Rasey that we think you will find useful on your NLP journey.

Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Best selling NLP book co-authored by John Seymour

This book is an NLP classic! It provides a remarkably clear and readable introduction to NLP. John had been teaching NLP for some five years when he met Joseph, a student on his courses with a gift for writing. Joseph’s gift combined with John’s in-depth knowledge of NLP teaching proved very fertile. The result – one of the best selling and most widely referenced NLP books, which has been translated into 14 languages. If you search Amazon it is consistently one of the highest ranked of all 1018 NLP books. Enough said. Buy it, read it, use it.

If you would like to purchase a signed copy for £10 + p&p Contact JSNLP on 0117 325 8000 or email to purchase.

NLP Metaphorically

by Chris Rasey

Creative, thought provoking and frequently humorous, this book offers you the chance to laugh, smile and sing your way through the NLP world. Created with the NLP learner in mind, it is a series of twenty original stories and ten rap songs combining to provide a unique and entertaining approach to illustrating and teaching NLP. Most major NLP topics are covered, including rapport, outcomes, anchoring, linguistics and presuppositions, as well as examples of several change techniques.

The light, metaphorical touch of the author belies the technical excellence and density of the content. Each passage can be read in isolation and have many informative messages for the NLP student. Destined to be the necessary companion to all NLP journeys, this book will make you smile.

If you would like to purchase a copy for £10 + p&p Contact JSNLP on 0117 325 8000 or email to purchase.




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The NLP Cookbook

NLP cookbook

by Fran Burgess

Fran’s totally unique book of original NLP Techniques. Although it says it is for NLP Trainers, Coaches and Therapists, in fact anyone can gain lots from it.

To purchase a copy from Fran’s website follow this link The NLP Cookbook


The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling and the Bumper Bundle Companion Workbook

by Fran Burgess

“Fran Burgess’s The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling is an important and impressive work. Fran provides a comprehensive overview of the process of nlp modelling, the different approaches and filters through which it can be done. This book should be a foundation text for everyone.” Robert Dilts: developer, author, trainer and consultant in NLP

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Words That Change Minds
Mastering the Language of Influence

by Shelle Rose Charvet

“Words that Change Minds is a remarkable book. Shelle illustrates, in clear language, those factors that will motivate people. She demonstrates how to communicate, how to sell, how to manage, all the while respecting people at a deep level. Her examples, often highly amusing, will allow you to recognise those around you, AND to know what to do about them.”
– Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

To purchase a copy from Shelle’s website follow this link  Words that Change Minds Book (English)

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