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John Seymour literally wrote the book on NLP training. ‘Training with NLP’ was the first book to model and unpack NLP training methodologies. His 30 years experience of training NLP trainers in the UK is unrivalled, and he is considered by many to be a master of his craft. His training reflects integrity, effectiveness, and humour.

This is a well-proven inspirational course that will accelerate your training and presentation skills exponentially, and with total professionalism, to give you the skills to become an outstanding presenter and NLP trainer.

Whether you are an experienced trainer, just getting started, or want to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, this multi-level course will take you to new levels of excellence.

why choose JSnlp NLP Train the trainer course

Why choose this NLP Trainer Training course?

You might choose it because you are looking for the best in NLP Trainer Training. Or perhaps, because you know of John’s unique reputation. Or you know someone who has done the course. You may want a first generation UK NLP trainer who’s lineage is John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. Or you might have simply done your online research quite thoroughly.

NLP is neither easy to learn, nor easy to teach. This training has been evolved empirically over more than 30 years to focus on what works best in developing training skills. It is unique in its effectiveness. There are few other NLP Trainer Trainings with this background.

Main features of this training

Seven weekends, spread over 5 months. This works better than the intensive format because you integrate the skills with practice as you go. We’ve tried both.

Daily design and delivery of short pieces of training, with rich feedback, all on video, ensures you learn by doing, and getting the skills ‘in the muscle’.

A main theme for each day means each main aspect of training can be explored in depth. Weaving all themes into each day enables integration of all the different dimensions of live training.

Applying the skills in practice between the seminars, with reflective writing and peer supervision ensures rapid and effective skill uptake.

Having a rich variety of trainers, provides a wider range of styles to model, and a bigger experience base (120 years worth). John, Neil and Sarah provide the core continuity.

Some benefits of this training:

  • Taking the next step in developing yourself personally and professionally
  • Become recognised by ANLP as an NLP Trainer to run your own courses
  • Make a bigger difference, and increase your income, with NLP skills
  • Give yourself a competitive edge as a professional trainer
  • Free 5 day upgrade to recognition by the Professional Guild of NLP
  • Intensive and enjoyable experiential skills training
  • Learning-friendly environment with quality peer group support
  • Ideal group size of 12-18 students
  • At least one NLP trainer assistant tutor to every 4 students
  • Regular tutorials and personal coaching
  • Many of the course trainers are NLP Master Trainers with upto 30 years experience
  • All are trained by John, as well as other well known names in the field
  • Opportunities to model outstanding trainers’ effectiveness and styles
  • Generate your own training materials and open source with others
  • E-copies of John’s Prac and Master Prac training materials available for your own use
  • Discover the key factors to get you successfully started on a new life journey

A few of the many core skills you will be learning:

  • Managing own state and maintaining rapport with a group
  • Tracking and creating audience motivation
  • Strategies for optimising learning and minimising problems
  • Precision experiential exercise design and delivery
  • The thinker/actor model for optimizing real time behaviour
  • John’s multiple outcome matrix in a four quadrant context
  • Calibrating and tracking complex group dynamics
  • Multi-level training to reach more of your audience more of the time
  • Fielding questions and turning around challenging participants
  • Teaching to both conscious and unconscious mind
  • Strategies to transfer learnings to the required contexts
  • Pace and lead cultural memes within group
  • How to overtly/covertly install learning strategies
  • How to look after your energy and health as a trainer

And, perhaps most important of all

  • How to market and sell (NLP) training effectively in different niches

The learning curve is steep. The training is multi-dimensional and enormous fun. The core training skills are generative, and you will continue to improve your skills long after the course is ended. They can be applied to the training of any subject. We invite you to join us. If you have questions, Neil is happy to have a phone chat with you. Just contact us

See the Syllabus page for more details of the course content Also see the Dates and Investment page

Who joins the NLP Trainer training?

The breadth of skills and expertise offered by this training, appeal to anyone wanting to design and deliver with confidence, effective and memorable presentations. These skills support clear and concise communication for meetings, important conversations, reports, and in any written or verbal communication.

  • Trainers and training consultants
  • Professional business change agents
  • Executive, business, and life coaches
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Project managers
  • Learning and development specialists
  • Managers
  • Care workers
  • Employment development and human resource specialists
  • Marketing and Sales

And from equally diverse areas;

    • Individuals seeking personal development
    • Employees and small business owners
    • Management at all levels
  • The teaching profession
  • The Minsistry of Defence and the armed forces
  • Local government, the NHS, Fire Service and Police

This course is for you if you want to dramatically improve your teaching, training or presentation skills. The multi-level design will do this whether you are a beginner, or have two or three decades of experience.

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A mind-blowing experience. Very active and participative. Rich feedback. Invaluable insight of John’s 25 years of experience. Enormous improvement of ALL participants. Martin Bednar, Trainer
A matchless and unique source of inspiration, polishing and structural tweaking with huge extra resources, tools and ingredients to add to your training recipe. The company and feedback of your training peers is invaluable – worth every penny.Jo Worsley, Media Consultant and Trainer
The most intensely focussed learning experience yet, delivered in a safe and exciting learning environment – true mastery.David Humphreys, Trainer
This course has been like a complete breakdown and overhaul of the engine that drives me as a trainer. I now have a fully refurbished, updated and supercharged internal drive system and I’m looking forward to putting my foot down and racing ahead.Dave Hill, Police Officer
The most enjoyable 10 days of ‘Train the Trainer’ training that I have EVER undertaken. Not only will you discover how to deliver NLP materials with elegance, it’s also an incredibly useful TtT course for non-NLPers. Thank you.Bob Pearson, Learning and Development Manager

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...