How do you learn NLP on a course?

"A comprehensive and challenging introduction to the skills of NLP. A good mix of theory and opportunities to practice in a safe environment."

Experiential Learning and Skills Practice are the Core of our Training

How do you learn NLP on a course with JSnlp

NLP is a powerful set of skills for improving communication and personal effectiveness. Like all skills, they are best acquired by repeated practice – as the more you practice the more competent you will become. More than that, they will help you to create the rest of your life the way you want it.

break out NLP practice during seminar with JSnlp
This is why we deliver your NLP skills training over 20 days spread over 10 months, and encourage you to attend regular NLP practice groups. Experience has shown us that, learned in this way this way, these powerful skills become embedded with such resilience and endurance that they are never truly forgotten.

Many of these NLP skills are generative, such as outcome thinking, mental rehearsal, resource states, and will benefit you for the rest of your life. This, of course, is the biggest payoff, when you are getting the full benefit of highly generative skills, with minimum effort.

At every seminar

Together with regular practice, experiential learning is at the core of our NLP training. This all important learning process starts from the first seminar and continues throughout the course.

After each new skill or process is introduced by the training team, supported by visual aids, illustrated handouts and demonstrations, you will be working in groups of threes. Giving you the opportunity to experience the skills from the perspective of ‘practitioner’, ‘client’ and ‘observer’, further reinforces the embedding of the skills.

Regular question and answer sessions throughout each session stimulate curiosity and generate greater comprehension and there are course tutors available at all times should you need them.

NLP Practice Groups

To support your learning, you are encouraged to practice the most important skills between seminars, preferably with other students. At the beginning of your course you will have the opportunity to arrange practice groups with other course participants.

Participating in regular practice sessions is considered essential to learning NLP. The NLP Practice Group Directory lists available practice groups set up by JSnlp students and invitations to start a group.

Here are a few links to articles about practice groups

Reflective Journaling

We also recommend the use of daily reflective journaling. Reflection increases your awareness. The more aware you are of how you do what you do, the easier it becomes to change those things that don’t work for you. You can learn more in John’s article about reflective journalling.

Ongoing Development

With each new seminar you will gain a new set of skills to practice. With practice, these skills become integrated, habitual and effortless month by month. The cumulative effect of this on personal and professional development is usually quite striking. Have a look at the testimonials of past students and/or the research in our resource section to see how effective our approach is.

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