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About NLP Training – What is it? How does it work?

Are you experiencing the pressures of our times? Do you want to learn the inner skills to help you turn this around and thrive?

Would you like to boost your career success and your quality of life? Learn how to with NLP.

Are you looking for one of the most professional NLP courses? Our students report an average 37% improvement in their skills.

JSnlp – 30 years experience – outstanding track record in Bristol and London – no risk unconditional guarantee.

JSnlp Students practice NLP training

JSnlp Students practice NLP

NLP for business and professional change

The NLP for Business pages will tell you more about how NLP can help you professionally

Are you new to NLP?

What is NLP?

Before reading about the courses in detail, you may benefit from exploring the following pages. They will give you an idea of what NLP is and what it can give you.


Why invest in NLP Practitioner Training?

Take a moment to look at the results of our research to discover the difference NLP can make to your life.


How do you learn NLP on a course?

Learning NLP with us may be very different to your previous learning experiences. The following page will give you an idea how.

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Are you ready to learn NLP?

Introduction to NLP

If you are new to NLP training, this 2 day course is probably the most comprehensive starter package available. Intensive, fun and user-friendly.


NLP Practitioner training course

Refined over 30 years, this is probably one of the finest NLP Practitioner courses in the world. The Applied NLP Practitioner is 12 days, or you can choose the 18 day Advanced NLP Practitioner. Both will take you to a new level of well-being and professional accomplishment.


The Diploma of NLP: Coaching

Our 5 day training to help you embody the traits of successful coaches, enabling you to build rapport quickly, even with difficult people, and read the subtle signs that indicate what’s going on beneath the surface.


The NLP Master Practitioner training course

If you want a truly outstanding NLP Master Practitioner course with continuity of training from one of this country’s best known NLP Master Trainers, this may be it.


The NLP Trainer training course

Whether you want to teach NLP, or develop a new level of mastery in training, this is truly a master class in training. John has trained trainers for 30 years and wrote the first book on NLP training.


From our Bristol, UK base we provide the following courses; NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer.

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...