NLP For Business

"I'm making a change ."

Soft Skills – The key to outstanding performance

More business professionals are using NLP skills to boost their results.
You can improve any or all of the following










Team Morale

Training Skills

Professional Development

NLP for business students

NLP for business

This is the best training course I have ever been on. There was a great richness of learning.
Helen Chandler, Instructor and Programme Manager, IBM International Education Centre

At JSnlp we have professional solutions that can meet your training requirements.

For individuals and organisations alike, NLP can provide measurable improvements in all these areas. Whether you want to develop yourself as an individual or recognise a need for organisational change NLP can provide the necessary skills for effective and positive change.

For Organisational Success

Effectiveness in business is largely a matter of creating the motivation and communication for the teamwork that can produce the results. These are all ‘soft skills’ and this is the hard stuff that makes the most difference to organisational success.

Our expertise is on focussing on these soft skills which make the most difference to the success of your organisation. With a wide client base we work across the spectrum from specific skills training to culture change. Most of our work comes from word of mouth reference.
People who have attended our courses report :

  • feeling more resourceful & energised
  • becoming more inspired & highly motivated
  • greater effectiveness in working with others
  • greatly improved linguistic & communication skills
  • increased ability to make good decisions & manage change
  • a more positive self image and improved self awareness

Bespoke NLP Business Practitioner Programme tailored for your organisational needs to improve the efficiency of your team and enable them to manage change effectively

One or more days Bespoke Training tailored to the needs or your organisation to achieve the specific results you require

Professional business coaching with John Seymour

Professional Consultations on the business applications of NLP for individuals and organisational change

Take NLP skills in-house – considered by many to be one of the best Trainer Trainings for an exponential boost to training and presentation skills


A mind-blowing experience. Very active and participative. Rich feedback. Invaluable insight of John’s 25 years of experience. Enormous improvement of ALL participants.
Martin Bednar, Trainer

NLP Training UK, an adventure to look forward to...