NLP Business Skills Workshops

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. You will learn some of the most dynamic skills that NLP has to offer, in more depth, for career success and quality of life.

NLP Business Skills Workshops

We deliver a range of business skills workshops covering most business areas

From large multi-nationals and public service organisations to charities and social enterprises, NLP based training can be the difference that makes the difference

Below are some examples of business skills training workshops we have delivered, to give you an idea of what we have to offer.

A consultation with our business training team will clarify your requirements and establish a framework for the design and delivery of your training course.

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The Ultimate Manager

An ideal 2 day programme for managers, supervisors, team leaders or for those anticipating promotion to those roles. It offers a solid, structured grounding in the fundamental skill sets you need to operate effectively in a managerial position.

The Skills Covered

The Course Content

Presentation Skills

Working with real presentations brought to the programme from their work setting, participants will learn how to deliver these presentations more effectively, and apply the learning to future presentations. This is an ideal workshop for those who aim to fine-tune their skills and enhance their flexibility in presenting.

The Course Objectives

The Course Content

Effective Selling with Integrity

The best sales people are skilled professionals who operate from a basis of complete integrity. This programme unravels the skills of these top performers and presents them in a series of straightforward recipes with plenty of opportunity to question practice and try out the skill sets for yourself.

The Course Objectives

The Course Content

Other Workshops we offer

Communications Skills
Customer Service
Facilitation Skills
Influencing with Integrity
Inspirational Leadership
Managing Change
Managing Stress
Managing Time
Negotiation and Influence
Problem Solving
Soft Skill for Sharp Performance
Telemarketing Skills

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