NLP Business Practitioner

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. You will learn some of the most dynamic skills that NLP has to offer, in more depth, for career success and quality of life.

NLP Business Practitioner

This programme, designed to be adapted to suit the needs of the client, concentrates on NLP tools and techniques specifically relevant to the business environment.

NLP is now mainstream as a ‘soft’ skill set to facilitate effective communication, focused results, enhance performance and build relationships

John Seymour and his team have trained the skills of NLP for over 25 years and recognise that in today’s market place the success of an organisation is determined by the ability of the individuals in it to learn, adapt and create


Individuals will learn how to transform how they communicate and influence

Assistant Tutor & CPD Certificate Programme

NLP Business Practitioner Training

In this example of a 10 day NLP Business Practitioner course, comprising five 2 day modules, we deliver the essential NLP business skills

The modules can also be delivered as individual workshops

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NLP Business Communications
Learn to plan the changes you want, set more effective goals, get on more easily with others, change patterns of thought and behaviour, and produce more of the results you want in your life.
Effective Communication is a vital key to business success, yet so often elusive. This introduction to NLP business tools, focuses on how to make a critical difference in the way you communicate
with others, for example in:

  • One to Ones
  • Putting forward your cause
  • Planning Goals
  • Reaching consensus with colleagues

The programme offers a foundation in new and effective ways of thinking and acting that underpin the further modules of the NLP Business Practitioner Suite

Empowering Others
Establish effective ways of empowering yourself, your team and your colleagues and watch your business grow.

  • Identify and establish coaching needs and how to action these
  • Learn how to deliver feedback in a productive way
  • Learn how to view an issue from different perspectives and how to mediate a resolution
  • Develop an effective meetings format to develop with win win outcomes
Influencing Through Language
Language is a powerful medium of communication. It influences the way people think and how they feel about themselves and others.

  • Use language that motivates and maintains rapport effectively
  • Identify and influence your own habitual patterns of thinking
  • Work with long established issues to change
    the effect they have
  • Manage and integrate conflicting beliefs
  • Identify ill formed structure of language
  • Ask specific questions to get to the real meaning behind language patterns
Peak Performance
A range of NLP skills and techniques will utilised to model success and integrate it into professional life for improved business acumen.

  • Use a range of modelling techniques to analyse and acquire new skills
  • Effectively apply communication skills to problem solving
  • Challenge your own thinking and identify blocks
    to improvement
  • Tap into a variety of change techniques
    to overcome blocks
  • Create compelling futures for yourself and your team
NLP Business Practitioner Certificate
An assessment process and action plan for continued development.
Course Structure
5 non-residential workshops comprising 2 days each

Contact the office on 0117 325 8000 to speak with a member of the team or for further details.

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