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John Seymour on JSNLP and the future of NLP

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Many people are asking us about the changes here at JSNLP. So here’s all you need to know about what we’re up to. Either enjoy the audio interview between Neil Almond and John Seymour on the future of JSNLP and applied NLP or dive into the words below.

Over the past 30 years John Seymour has led the British NLP Training field. His gift for making the complexities of NLP profoundly simple, and the practical applications life-changing, have made him one of the most popular NLP trainers in the UK. JSNLP courses have a well-deserved reputation for being highly ethical, effective and full of humour.

Our focus has always been on helping our graduates to develop sublime NLP skills together with a pragmatic approach that helps them put these skills into practice.

Our trainings have traditionally run over 18 or 20 days, and whilst we still maintain that this approach is the A-Grade in NLP education, we recognise that the world is changing and that old models need to be tweaked to ensure they work in the modern world.

So, used to being at the forefront in NLP thinking, we’ve innovated and found a new way of delivering our courses in Bristol that we believe maintains our high training standards whilst making them more flexible, practical and manageable.

To achieve these changes John has partnered with one of his former apprentices Neil Almond. Neil, now an ANLP certified NLP Master Trainer in his own right has worked with John for years, as well as running Whatever Life Throws (a popular London-based NLP training organisation). He also has an impressive CV; having delivered projects for many of the UK’s top organisations, facilitated sessions in Downing Street and worked with industry leaders such as Sir Richard Branson.

We believe that this new approach will combine the best of John’s wisdom and experience with Neil’s fresh, innovative, applied approach.

So what’s different?

Well for starters we’re introducing two new ANLP certified NLP Diploma courses, each of five days’ duration: the Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching (5 days) and the Diploma of Applied NLP: Leadership (5 days).

These courses are designed to be highly pragmatic and use the filter of either coaching or leadership to help participants embed the skills in their own practice. They can be attended either standalone, meaning you now only need to invest five days to begin a high-quality NLP journey, or, if both are attended, they provide the basis for the JSNLP Applied NLP Practitioner (total 12 days).

For anyone seeking even more rigor, this course can in turn be upgraded by the addition of the JSNLP Diploma of Applied NLP: Deep Change Coaching (6 days) to offer the participant a JSNLP Advanced NLP Practitioner certificate (total 18 days).

We will also be offering a new Applied NLP Master Practitioner programme (14 days) for any existing NLP Practitioners wishing to deepen their knowledge and to develop greater elegance and congruence in the application of their NLP skills.

Our NLP Trainer Training will continue unchanged in its current 14-day format – and we believe still sets the standard for NLP Trainer Training in the UK.

Whilst Neil (together with popular members of the JSNLP training team) will lead on day-to-day operations, students will still have an opportunity to learn directly from John Seymour on many of the courses where he will be presenting Master Classes to help deepen knowledge and understanding.

As part of our commitment to high standards in NLP, we’ll also be offering special rates to existing graduates who want to refresh their skills or certify in our new suite of courses.

We believe these courses offer a new level of flexibility to students whilst maintaining the high-quality training standards we are known for. They also provide an unprecedented applied approach which experience shows leads to both skills mastery, and a far higher level of practical application.

If you’re interested in a more personal introduction to our courses, or if there is anything we can do to help enhance your NLP journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our number is 0117 325 8000 or drop an email to We really look forward to supporting you.


  1. Great to hear John’s voice and best wishes to all of you. I’m now in Spain studying flamenco seriously and also helping to run an artisan food shop where I do my nutrition consultations. Obviously applying NLP practically in this context. Merilyn

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