Here are some of the many positive comments from previous students

These comments have been made in reference to our Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Train the Trainer courses:

“John Seymour is a true mentor. I was inspired by John to begin my NLP journey and working with him has given me a superb foundation on which I have built my coaching career. If you want a thorough, in depth understanding of NLP and outstanding training, go to John.”
Jenni Hallam

I am… more positive, more confident, more flexible, more tolerant and understanding and a better communicator overall – an excellent outcome.
John Skevington     IT Consultant
I agree with Einstein that the universe is a benevolent place.
Marilyn Chamberlain,
Finance Manager, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust
NLP has made a profound difference… What a great feeling to know that I have this new outlook on life.
Paula McMullan, Learning & Development Consultant
I have learned that the only thing that has held me back is myself.
Lisa Hobbs Manager, St Mungoes
One of the main benefits of the course was having fun.
Jacqui Dixon, HR Professional
I have been able to decide for the first time what’s really important to me.
Genevieve Wood, Continuous Improvement Manager, B Sky B
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Investing time in the NLP Course… has been one of the best investments I have ever done or am ever likely to do.
Nick Sullivan
I can now start to get the specifics about exactly in what way I’m going to use what I contribute to the world outside of me.
Lucinda Gray
… doors have opened. Not doors that I expected, but changes in and around me have created opportunities and possibilities I would not have considered, it feels very positive and right for me.
Jane Fry
I have more choices available to me, and am looking forward to the next part of my life with anticipation. NLP has provided me with a high quality set of tools, I can experience the rest of my life to its full.
David Humphreys
What I have got from the course is a wonderful feeling of uplift and excitement, a feeling of moving on and forward.
Chris Haley, Language Teacher
I now find that I use these tools on a frequent daily basis and have achieved great success in a number of very important (business) relationships.
Martin Deady, Head of Sales Operations
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have found myself more in control of business meetings.
Keith Benwell, Management Consultant
Although I have been in the profession for some twenty three years, I have never come across anything as profound as NLP for dealing with problems and people.
Terry Moore, Community Psychiatric Nurse
NLP has enabled me to realise that power could rest in me, that I could choose to create my life the way I wanted it to be. It was very empowering.
Steve Twort, Human communications Manager, British Telecom
John and his team are so enthusiastic about NLP that you can’t help but be enthusiastic as well. A mix of soft skills and a hard scientific approach made this the perfect course for a sceptic. The team were extremely approachable and were always on hand to assist. I’d have no hesitation in recommending John’s courses.
Meg Thompson – Client Support Consultant and Professional Coach – The Performance Solution
A high quality, practically focussed approach to improving communication skills. Applicable in all areas where interpersonal skills are central, from therapy to business management.
Mike Downes, Education Manager, University of the West of England
The only course I know that has expanded my choices exponentially.
David Lewis, Management Consultant, LDL Leadership
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Very enjoyable, lots of learning points that I can take on board and put into practice in the workplace. Thank you for your time and help.
Liz Steeds, Operations Manager, Bristol City Council
John Seymour, through the NLP Practitioner course, has enabled me to decide a focus on my thinking patterns and behaviours. Life events are now contextualised and I am better equipped to deal with life planning, going forward.
Steve Fizor, Supply Chain Manager
John Seymour Practitioner Training. Often imitated – rarely matched. If you want real value from your NLP dollars/euros/pounds don’t spend them with anyone else!
James Rosenegk, Change Leader
The John Seymour NLP Practitioner course has given me the tools and flexibility of thinking to create options for myself. I look forward to my future with hope and excitment for the first time in years.
I’ve taken giant leaps in my ability to discuss issues and step into the future I want. Most mentally stimulating thing I’ve ever done!
Dan Draycott, Project Manager
The course has been brilliant. John has so much experience that he really knows how to deliver the material and if you trust his methods you will reap the benefits.
Maria Hammett, Company Manager
I have been surprised and delighted by what I have learnt.
Jude Groves
Thank you very much. Extremely skillful training, excellent value for money, a very solid grounding in NLP, which has made a real difference to work and life.
Karen Morton, Consultant & Trainer
It (John Seymour NLP Practitioner training) has been a fantastic adventure and I’ve learnt lots being here.
John Paton, Student
The quality of teaching and materials have been outstanding throughout the course and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wishing to become an NLP Practitioner. It is rare these days to find an organisation that puts quality and a belief in what it is doing above all other considerations.
Mark Turek, Management Consultant
The positive learning environment that John facilitates was like nothing else I’ve experienced to date. Full of inspirational people, information and processes, and changes to my professional and personal life.
Claire Johnstone, Test Analyst
Very concise and informative programme that leaves you with a hunger for more NLP knowledge!
Marie Arnold, Sports Mentor
This is without doubt the best training I have ever experienced. The mixture of practical skills development, theory and personal attention is something quite unique.
Peter Crouch, Senior Project Manager, Global One
John Seymour’s Master Practitioner course is a lot of fun. What is impressive about it is the consistently high level of skills achieved by all of the group – a testament to the quality of training.
Greg Cooper, Managing Director
This course has helped me to find courage to start a business and to sustain the teething period. Great personal help.
Martin Bednar, Trainer
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Very positive learning experience, challenging, supportive, fun. Best learning environment I have experienced.
Christine O’ Leary, Trainer
The thoroughness and patience in helping me accumulate new skills is excellent.
Andrew Passman
John Seymour is professional, rigorous and provides a safe and stimulating environment for learning and expanding your horizons. The course exceeded my expectations and enabled me to exceed my expectations of/for myself.
Steve Godivala, Trainer
Never have I felt so well equipped to deal with all the challenges of life since attending John’s Master Practitioner course. All my expectations have been exceeded.
Lucy Hewitt-Grainger, Teacher
A really thorough course that took my skills up to a significantly higher level.
Stuart Harragan, Hypnotist
Quality teaching, rich feedback, enjoyed the learning and growth.
Aidan Harrington, Teacher
This is the best training course I have ever been on. There was a great richness of learning.
Helen Chandler, Instructor and Programme Manager, IBM International Education Centre
Building on a tremendous skill base at Practitioner level, this course fine tuned these skills and introduced even more powerful new tools to build upon them, leading me towards mastery. An absolute must.
Julian Gibley, Mathematician
For integrity, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, attention to learning and a quality integral approach, JS is superb!
Christopher Gladwell, Yoga Teacher and Coach
John has an ability to inspire and motivate, and his commitment to realise everyone’s outcomes make this course a must for would be trainers. The dedication of the training assistants and supporting master trainers was excellent and exceeded my expectation. This course inspired me to develop my own business into new grounds and gave me the tools and the confidence that it can be achieved. Thank you all.
Philippe Roy, Managing Director, in-focus
Challenging and fun, the most lifechanging, thought-provoking training experience that I have ever experienced. Empowerment tools for life.
Jenni Edwards, Personnel Manager
John Seymour is an excellent trainer, just the right balance of support and challenge. I’ve learned so much and built a great network.
Jamie Hanif, Training Consultant

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