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New JSNLP Applied NLP Trainer Training launched

We’re delighted to announce our new (and dare we say improved) Applied NLP Trainer Training will start in Sept 2018. The new look programme has been developed by John Seymour, Neil Almond and Sarah Smith to help graduates become even more effective in their chosen niche.

Graduates will leave with full ANLP recognition and their own approved ANLP diploma course (in their own niche) ready to run – as well as the confidence and congruence to deliver high quality NLP based training, facilitation and presentations. 

NEW – 9 day Positive Psychology Practitioner


The JSNLP Positive Psychology Practitioner course has been designed as a pragmatic and applied programme offering in-depth Positive Psychology training mapped across to the fields of coaching, NLP and other leading change modalities. The next course runs over nine days (split into three 3-day modules) in Bristol from May to July 2018….

John Seymour Modelling Masterclass 6th May 2018

If you’ve been around John Seymour much over the last few years you’ll know that one of the topics he gets most enthusiastic about is modelling. It’s a real passion for him. Modelling therefore seemed like an obvious topic for an audio interview between John and Neil, and as the subject of the first of John’s new masterclasses. We’ve also just added a 12 minute video on Modelling.

The date for your diary is 6th May if you want to join us for the masterclass in Bristol.

Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching starts Mar ’18 in Bristol

We’re proud to announce the next JSNLP Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching course will start on the 17the March 2018. The course introduces you to a set of applied NLP skills that help you recognise how change happens. It teaches a set of powerful techniques and concepts that enable you to help others overcome any blocks that may hold them back.

You will learn the skills to help people (and yourself) become the best version of themselves possible and to build personal resourcefulness and confidence. 

Diploma of Applied NLP: Leadership starts May ’18 in Bristol

The next opportunity to join the JSNLP Applied NLP Practitioner course is by joining our Diploma of Applied NLP Leadership. The course, which can also be taken as a separate 5 day module, to explore ‘self as leader’ and develop a toolkit of powerful NLP skills proven to positively and ethically influence individuals and teams.

If you’re interested in a more personal introduction to our courses, or if there is anything we can do to help enhance your NLP journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our number is 0117 325 8000 or drop an email to enquiries@JSNLP.co.uk. We really look forward to supporting you.

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What Is NLP?

Put simply, the results you create in any area of your life are caused by what you do. This in turn depends on what you think, which is influenced by your emotions and your perception of reality. Learning which small changes to make where, and how to make them, can significantly improve your life. Watch the video to learn more.

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About John Seymour

One of the first trainers of NLP in the UK, John has an outstanding reputation for integrity and for designing courses that make the complexities of NLP profoundly simple. His mastery of skills transfer and his strong emphasis on practice produce graduates with outstanding skill levels.

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Our NLP Courses

We offer NLP and coaching courses of the highest quality from our base in Bristol and across the UK, for the best results in professional and personal development, for individuals and tailor-made for organisations. From our comprehensive range of NLP training courses find the right one for you or your business right here.

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This is the best training course I have ever been on. There was a great richness of learning.

Helen Chandler, Instructor and Programme Manager, IBM International Education Centre

Introducing NLP
Introducing NLP

Best selling NLP book co-authored by John Seymour. This book is an NLP classic! It provides a clear and readable introduction to NLP and is one of the most referenced NLP books. This book has been remarkably succesful, remaining at or near the top of the NLP best seller list on Amazon since it came out. To get a signed copy and find out more about our DVDs click here.

JSnlp is accredited to the exacting standards of The Association for NLP (ANLP).

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On our NLP courses you will find a rich mixture of people who all have the motivation to improve their lives. Most are attracted equally by the potential for personal development as for professional development. You will find people from well known businesses and other organisations, from charities and NGOs, the self-employed, people from small businesses, and all walks of life.

NLP training benefits professionals in all roles, so there will be people from training, management, leadership, consulting, coaching, sales, and human resources. We also attract people who want to improve their careers or are at a career transition point.

Finally, our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings attract some of the best students of NLP because the students are quite discriminating. Most have been highly recommended by friends who have completed our courses, or have carefully checked out quite a few UK based NLP training websites, or both. Most of our open NLP courses are delivered in Bristol (South West England) although we can also deliver bespoke company courses across the UK and the Middle East (Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and UAE).

Would a 30% plus increase in the quality of life interest you?.. Read on.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of applied psychological skills that are the basis of much business training. NLP skills training enables you to improve communications with others, and with yourself, in a wide range of settings. This means you can become much more effective in the areas that matter most to you. You can significantly improve your results in areas as varied as confidence, career development, work/life balance, management, leadership, relationships, sales, coaching or training.

We have done two major pieces of research identifying the main benefits. One identifies the top five gains as improvements in: self-confidence, choice, relationships, awareness and quality of life. You can read more on our What is NLP page.

Bristol based NLP training with John Seymour & Neil Almond, an adventure to look forward to...